Favorite Places


These are my personal links to other designers, shops, suppliers, and large lists. Please visit often to catch site updates as they occur.

Web Page Link
Angelika's Yarn Store www.yarn-store.com/
Cara 4 WebShopping - formerly Kidoodles http://www.cara4webshopping.com/
Carolinas Machine Knitters' Guild www.carolinasmkg.com
Clearwater Knits www.clearwaterknits.com
Cochenille Design Studio www.cochenille.com
Knit Knack Shop www.knitknackshop.com
Knitcraft Yarn Shop www.knitcraft.com
Knitted Fibre Artistry of Marcia Hauser www.marciahauser.nu
Knittin' To It Knit Club sites.google.com/site/knittin-to-it-knit-club
knittsings knittsings.com
The Machine Knit List Web Page www.machine-knit.com
Machine Knitting etc machineknittingetc.com
Needle-Tek Sales & Service www.needle-tek.com
Northtipton Knits www.northtipton.com
Rose's Knits www.roses-knits.com
Seedling Software (for charting) www.seedlingsoftware.com
Yarn Forward ™ www.yarnfwd.com
Yarns and ... www.yarns-and.com

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